Vaccine Access

Vaccines that are effective against COVID-19 exist, but they are in short supply. 

NoBodyIsDisposable believes people who are at high risk related to COVID-19 should have priority access to the vaccine if they want it.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention made recommendations regarding prioritization, but each state makes its own rules. If your state does not have a plan to give priority access to people at high risk related to COVID, get involved!

You can make a huge difference.

What Can I Do? Plenty! 

Take a Community Survey:
Are you delaying care?
Or have you lost someone because they didn’t qualify for the vaccine yet?
If so, please consider taking the appropriate community survey. 

Contact Your State: [CALIFORNIA] [OTHER STATES] Do people at high risk related to COVID have vaccine access in your state? If not, tell your state they need to do the right thing. 

Contact the Biden Administration:
Tell the federal government they need to be sure that all high risk people are being protected, no matter where we live. 

Spread the Word:
Let people know what you did to help, and ask them to do the same.

Explore the full Action Toolkit for Vaccine Equity by SDA, #NoBodyIsDisposable, the California Foundation for Independent Living Centers and others.