Fight Discrimination in COVID-19 Triage


Disabled people, fat people, elders, and people with AIDS or other illnesses are being specifically targeted for denial of life-saving care during care rationing. 

These triage policies disproportionately target people of color, poor folks, immigrants, queer and trans folks, incarcerated and homeless folks, and others already considered disposable by capitalist, white supremacist society.

We say NO!

People of color and disabled people deserve to live — EUGENICS WILL NOT HAPPEN ON OUR WATCH!


Image description: Selfie of a black adult with short, curly, black hair and a colorful striped shirt looks down at the camera with a serious expression, while holding a handwritten paper sign that reads “#NobodyIsDisposable #NoICUgenics” A pink stuffed bear is next to them.

Image description: Selfie of a thin white, young adult with curly brown hair cropped short on the sides, wearing a long-sleeved green shirt, and holding a large cardboard sign with text in marker that reads: “You have always been essential. No one is a spare. #NoBodyIsDisposable.” At the bottom is an instagram handle: realjaxjackson

Image description: Selfie of a fat, black adult with shiny eye makeup and long colorful locs draped forward over one shoulder, wearing a green sweater, a  purple jacket and a gold chain. In the foreground is text that says #NoBodyIsDisposable, photo by Rob Ferrell. At the top is an instagram handle: fatfairygodmuva