Dear Medical Professionals,

We want to express both our gratitude and concern for you, as you respond to the devastating COVID-19 pandemic gripping our communities. It’s a terrifying time, and we know that especially without needed Personal Protective Equipment and other supplies, you are in an unconscionably high-risk situation. There are no comforting words for this level of risk. It’s awful. 

Your lives are not disposable! And as people also facing grave risk, and their loved ones, we deeply empathize. Day by day, states and medical facilities are releasing triage plans that recommend who gets denied care when beds and ventilators are running low. We write to you as other people whose lives are being considered disposable — people with disabilities, fat people, old people, people with HIV/AIDS or other illnesses — along with our friends and loved ones who don’t want us to die.

Please take care: following discriminatory triage policies is UNLAWFUL. Medical standards of care are correctly determined by the profession, but denying or withdrawing care based on protected characteristics violates many laws including the Americans with Disabilities Act, Section 504, the Affordable Care Act, state and local civil rights laws, and/or the U.S. Constitution. This is not about “hard decisions” — it is about justice. 

Medical professionals pledge oaths to do no harm, to care for the welfare of all your patients. Please JOIN US in resisting discriminatory policies that violate your oaths and responsibilities:

  • Demand immediate expansion of resources: Avoid triage by demanding the supplies we all need: ventilators and parts, more hospital beds, and personal protective equipment for all medical workers!
  • Demand federal & state decisions that flatten the curve: Governors and the President have the power to maintain or implement shelter-in-place orders, which will reduce transmission, save lives, and avoid triage.
  • Take part in decisions as your facilities formulate policies and algorithms for ventilator use. Fight back when unjust point systems are proposed or implemented.
  • Refuse discriminatory triage policies: Care for your patients without discrimination; don’t refuse ICU admittance based on disability, size, age, or AIDS status. Don’t take a patient off a ventilator to make room for a patient whose life is “more highly valued.” 

Before COVID-19, marginalized communities have had reason to fear bias in medical settings. We are terrified of being killed by the people who are supposed to care for us. Let’s protect each other and fight for the resources and policies we need to get through this emergency together.



— Organizations —

Independent Living Resource Center San Francisco
Transgender Law Center
Grand Rapids Area Mutual Aid Network
Together We Are Safe
Gulf Coast ADAPT
Western Mass Recovery Learning Community
Bellingham Deaf and Disability Justice Collective
Disability Art and Culture Project
Disability Action for America
Black lotus collective
Sea Mar Community Health Center
Trans Asylum Seeker Support Network
Catalyst Project 
Good Witch Kitchen
People’s Power Assemblies NYC
Mad Love Underground (formerly the Sacramento Icarus Project)
Trans and Nonbinary Housing Collective
Mesa County Green Party
Disabled Hikers
Disability Rights Legal Center
Georgia Advocacy Office
Elizabeth Abdnour Law, PLLC
PDX Disability Justice Collective
Chronic Sex
Disability Pride Madison
Smart Cities Library
Mikes Access Skills Training
Science for the People
Kaleidoscope Society
Younger Womxn’s Task Force (YWTF) of Greater Lafayette
Disability Rights International
San Francisco AIDS Foundation
World Institute on Disability
Senior and Disability Action
Unconventional Fitness
The Fund for Community Reparations for Autistic People of Color’s Interdependence, Survival, and Empowerment
Saul Schottenstein FoundationSociety for Disability Studies
National Coaltion of Latinxs with Disabilities (CNLD)
National Center for Transgender Equality
Washington ADAPT
Lambda Archives of San Diego
Green Party of Santa Clara County
Workers World Party Disability Justice Caucus
Center for Genetics and Society
Southwest Suburban Activists
Peace & Justice Center (Vermont)
Disability and Aging Justice Clinic, CUNY School of Law
National Center for Law and Economic Justice

— Care Providers —

Allana K., COA in CA
Kasi C., RN in CA
Marin F., LMFTA in WA
Chloe T., Lab Asst. in WA
Deanna K., RN in CA
Lisa A., MFT in CA
Allilsa F., EMT in NY
Michelle Z., Certified Optometric Vision Therapist in OR
Lisa F., CADC in IN
Katherine M., RDN in WA
Jamie E., MD in IL
Leah P., OT in PA
Greg S., OT in PA
Adrianna T., OT in NY
Chenoa, A., PhD in PA
Simon T., MSN, ARNP, FNP-C in WA
Violeta D., LLMSW in MI
Marcia D., DPT in FL
Kelsey S., LICSW in WA
Meghan E., PhD, CNM, ARNP in WA
Molly N., Licensed Massage Therapist in OH
Delphine B, M.H. First Volunteer Responder in CA
Brunem W., Clinical Herbalist, Medic in CA
Karen S., Associate Marriage and Family Therapist in CA
Miranda B., RD at GBACH, Canada
Elliot K., Rabbi Chaplain in CA
Jenna T., RD, LD/N, CIEC in FL
Michael L, LCSW-R in NY
Linda S., LMT in LA
Nyisha G.W., Doula, CA
Julie-Ann S., Chaplain in MA
Stacy D., LMHC in WA
W.N., Doula in MI
Sairy F., Doula in MI
Zem C., LMFT in OR
Sammi, Nursing Student
Deborah S., NP in CA
Andrea  C., CNM in OR
Leslie C., CNM, PhD in CA
Kanoelani P., MSW in OK 
Rev. Lacey H., CA
Bahia W., 4th yr Med. Student in NY
Chloe R., MSW Candidate in NY
Michael M., AMFT in CA
N. Mahyar N., LMFT in CA
Samantha S.B., Psychologist in MI
Andrea W., RN, BSN, CCRN in WA
Roberta C., Lmt in NY
Ryan P., MSN, CNM, FNP-BC, CPM, in MA
Leah Jo C., PA-C in NM
Teresa P., M.D. in CA
Janet P. G., RN in IL
Valerie S., BCBA in NY
Rose N., DSP in IL
Joseph D., Medical Laboratory Scientist in KY
Robert D., Registered Dietitian in SC
Leana E., School Psychologist in CA
Chloe R., MSW Candidate in NY
Caroline P., Community Acupuncturist, RI
Umi H., NPO Helper Station Ichigo in CA
Pamela G., RN, FNP, MS, MPH in CA
Judy K., Psychologist in PA
Michael L., Retired Biomedical Technician in CA
Sally D., ICU RN in NY
Margie S., NAVHLTHCLIN Call Center Agent in RI
Laurie P., Certified Rehabilitation Counselor, Licensed Professional Counselor in MI
Samera T., Art Therapist in England
Christine K., LCSW in CA
Rani E., Phd in CA
Deborah K., RD, LDN in PA
Eva S., LMT in DC
Rachel K., Associate Social Worker in CA
Samara G., LICSW in MA
Christy H., MPH, RD, CDN
Rebecca D., Medical Student in Haiti
Nwadiogo, MD in MA
L Rebecca C., LCSW, Nourish Your Mood in CA
Kimberly B., Instructor in OR
Michelle S., Care giver for Disability Community in IA
Lindsey M., Registered Dietitian in Canada
Kaity M., MSN CNM SANE-A in DC
Susie K., Retired Clinical Psychologist in CA
Dani B., MD in CA
Colleen S., Healthcare Alternative Systems in IL
Dr. Jen C., ND, LAc, in CA

Sharena C., People’s Community Medics in CA
Maelisa E., Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in CA
Jennifer N., Senior Clinician in CA
Donna W., IHSS in CA
Angeline C., RN in CA
Danielle R., M.D. in CA
Yukiko N., APRN,  CNP-A, WHNP, PMHNP in MN
Avery M., Caregiver in IL
Waylon H., EMT in ME 
Kaycie L., RD in MN
Donna O., OT in CA
Geleni F., RN, LAc in NY
Ariana T.L., PhD in CA
Hannah T., RD in CO
JD D., Meditation Teacher in CA
Shanti C.P., MSW in FL
Tom W.Z., RN in CA
Rita C., RN in CA
Jobin B., MD in MD
Benjamin S., MFTT in NY
Nancy I., RN, BSN LICSW in MA
Margit B., Ph.D., L.P., Program Dir., Clinical Psychology, Augsburg University in MN
Charlia M., Partners in Prevention Education, WA
Erica M., RDN in WA
Erica L., RD in NY
Carolina G., RD in NY
Christina A., ABOC in MI
Jennifer C., Direct Service Provider in PA
Sol Domus Inc
Jennifer H., RN in SD
Roberto D,G., RN in CA
Beckie C., MSW, Ph.D.c. in OR
Lauren C., Medical Social Worker in WA
Daniella M-T., Social Work Student in NJ
Wendy D., Psychologist in OH
Elizabeth F., MD in IL
Rev. Linda Susan U., MI
Rabbi Michael R., MA
Rabbi Riqi K., MA
Rabbi Suzanne S., CA
Michele P., Parent of 2 disabled adults & Home Health Provider in CA
Helen M., Reverend in MA
Alissa W., Social Work Intern in WA
Heather B., MD, PhD in WA
Xylem N., MSW/MPH in OR
Carmen M., Phlebotomost, Echo Tech in CA
Johanna R., Psychotherapist., OR
Allison R., DO (resident physician) in CA
Laura A., Board Member Ind. Living Resource Center San Francisco
Lara T., LMSW in NY
Kathleen K., Mental Health Specialist, Swords to Plowshares in CA
Lauren M., LPC in IL
Satendra S., M.D. in India
Imari S. N., Disability Integration Solutions in CA
Kimberly M., BSN RN in NY
Yonah E., MSN, MPH, FNP in NY
Dina S., End-of-life Doula in MA
Olivia M., Medical Student in NY
Ananda P., Psychological Assistant, Doctoral Intern in CA
Claire S., Mental Health Worker in PA
Kristina O., Audiologist in CA
Kalee S., Licensed Professional Counselor in ID
Sarah O., M.S, CCC-SLP (Speech Pathologist) in NC
Crystal B., ASL/English Interpreter (often working in medical settings) in NC
Susan C., FB and webpage for provider resources in OH
Susan H., Retired Clinical Social Worker in OH
Calista A., Patient Advocate in MN
Deb B., PhD, FAED in CA
Kassie H., LPC in OR
Anna F., UCSF Medical Student in CA
Amy W., Medical Student in CA
Jaclyn J., MPH in WI
Elizabeth M., M3 Medical Student in MO
Helen Z., Medical Student in NY
Teresa P., M.D. Family Medicine/Geriatrics in CA
Lisette H., LPC in GA
Ali S., Counsellor in England
Jessica S., Peer Counselor in WALina K., Medical Student in CA
Rahel S., Associate Social Worker in CA
Julia, Disabled, Immunocompromised, Doula & Caregiver in WY
Kathryn F., Social Worker in MA
Abby, NP in MA
Rebecca S., RN in PA
Christina M., Certified Peer Specialist in MA


— Individuals —

Max A., CA
Sondra S., CA
Brandie S., CA
Dawn H., CA
Marilyn W., CA
Lilia S., CA
Jet E., OR
Emily R., MD
Dayne S., MA
Miriam R., MD
Brianna S., CA
Drew P., MA
Jessica L.-R., OH
Madeline M., OR
Ash A., OH
Theresa M., NJ
Bethany L., ME
Jessica W., CA
Salem C., NY
Samantha S., NY
Sally S., CA
Rachel D.L, WI
Vanessa L., CA
Eri O., CA
Isicera D., CA
Candice F-P., NY
Samir S., CA
Abbie H, OH
Learkana C., CA
Katie M., CA
Heidi T., CA
Talia K., NY
Max F., NY
Marissal R., CA
Desmarie J., CA
Lesley G., New Zealand
Athen O., OR
Tara S., CA
Elizabeth G., NY
Katie T., CA
Amy G., PA
Jenny T., CA
Stacey P., CA
Victoria B., CA
Tracy C., NY
Chelsea S., CA
Nicole D., CA
Monique P., WA
Adnan A., MN
Jennifer B., GA
Heather J., WA
Jessica W., CO
Ally N., LA
Channon S., NY
Mac M., WA
Nicole R., MT
Rachel B., UT
Haley B., CA
Nathan T., CA
Cassandra O., CA
Heather M., CA
Natanya A., PA
Kris P-H., MI
Aneela Q., GA
Koda H., FL
Judith S., CA
Sharena C., CA
James W., WA
Jordan T., WA
Lisa G., WA
Melinda B., TX
Ira A., CA
Stephanie C., MD
Ganesha G-B., WA
Binx G., NJ
Olli J., NB
Brenna G., NY
Helen T.
Tyler C., MA\
Inaya H., OH
Alondra M., CA
Kristen H., Canada
Alice K., MN
Onaedo O., MO
Julia M., NY
Jacin H-S., MD
Challes F., PA
Naomie P., DE
Momoye Y., CA
Losa S., MI
Michelle B., CA
Patricia G., CA
Jason R., PA
Imari M., CA
Sophia D., IL
Minass R., Australia
Eric S., OH
Michaela B., MA
Lizzie C., NY
April J., VA
Aaron E, New Zealand
Stephanie C., MD
Stephanie F., Canada
Monique C., FL
Lacey R., TN
Amy T., CA
Charis S., CA
Melissa G., IN
Annie J., OR
Sarah W., MI
Hal G., MO
Tyffani C., CA
Talia P., NY
Aisha G., NY
Nichola T., CA
Mark S., CA
Lisa L., NY
Brittany B., NY
Mushawn K., WA
Rob C., FL
Francis C., FL
Ali N., MN
Maya F., NY
Marnie A., CA
Alan D., CA
Arai L., ID
Sara R., KS
Catherine A., MA
Melissa H., NJ
Daniel L., CA
Berenece S., CA
Christine C., CA
Saba S., CA
Jessie M., WY
Adnan B., CA
Hope J.H., OH
Ethan C., MN
Meagan B., Canada
Adder T., CA
Clara B., CA
Laura R., CA
Alec B., AZ
Cinthia, GA
Melissa G., OR
Beth R., CA
Raya S., IL
Nikki B., CA
Ash S., CA
Dana M., CA
Vivian A., MD
Grace G., NY
Jenna G., CA
Oriana R., CO
Melissa M., CA
Stephanie T., WA
Megan C., CA
Julia L., CA
Nomy L., WA
Priscilla S., CA
Theo M., MD
Theresa T., CO
Nina M., HI
Amanda S., NC
Tina T., WA
Lindsey A., ID
Kai T-D., OH
Lisa E., CA
Kenny S., PA
Sukhpreet P., CA
Mary P., CA
Allissa B., MI
Ann Catherine H., CA
Dan C., MI
Anika G., TX
Bethany S., TX
Naomi F., WA
Jenae M., CA
Rebecca M., CA
Caitlin W., WA
Rose M., TX
Piper G., OR
Kellina F., NV
Melba M., CA
Hara M., NY
Gloria G., CA
Christina F., CA
Allison S., CA
Joshua S., PA
Mariah D., NJ
Lesleigh O., SD
Chloe A., IL
Hannah R., WA
Allegra M., CA
Yabette S., OH
Bri W., CA
Tamsin S.
Megan E., CA
Abagayle C., WA
Kirby H.
Cristian L., CA
Hannah F., VA
Kelsey S., CA
Stephanie B., CA
Ethne D., CA
Melanie C., CA
Bianca L., CA
Tobi N., WA
Alicia G., AZ.,
Jessica J., IN
Ashley A., VA
Theresa, Germany
Tamara D., WA
Rebecca S., PA
Kelsie P., CA
Amelia B., UK
M Horowitz, KS
Caitlin B., MA
Jeni M., PA
Ndolo E., MN
LiZhen W., CA
Amanda K., FL
Hailey C., CA
Shanon A., NC
Jennifer A., UK
Samantha Q., NY
Mari O., MA
Alice H., TN
Danielle D., MI
Colson G., MA
Praise I., NC
Amanda P., FL
Wendi C., IN
Jurissa D., NJ
Solange A., NY
Sydney M., MD
Briselda V., CA
Lexi V., Canada
Katie B. LA
Monica D., AZ
Sierra F., CO
Isabel Rosa A., OR
Susan L., MD
Leila C., AL
Lindsay R., CA
Nino L., NY
Tiara B., NJ
Kristen L., CO
Eddie M., MA
Adriana M., CA
Blake A.M., OR
Lauren B., MD
Dan H., OR
Alicia F., MA
Theresa B., NJ
Katie L., MA
Aarushi M., PA
Elise Weaver, NC
Moe A., FL
Liza N., IN
Kristy M., IN
Hannah F., NY
Heather B., WA
Lesley D., CT
Rachel F., MA
Susan S., AL
Cassidy M., SD
Victoria L., CA
Ava D., CO
Autumn K., WA
Ayako O., WA
Erin R.S., OR
Sara C., CA
Katy L., CA
Ellie Y., OR
Oni L., NY
Mary M., IN
Mishka B., UT
Eliza R., IL
Ronda W., CA
Rachel K., MA
Orameh B., CA
Kim R., IL
Jennifer L., CA
Cecilia L., CA
River C., CA
Chloe M., TX
Kim S., AL
Kera N., KS
Grecia P., CA
Karin A., CO
Luna C., CA
Laquisa S., ID
Melissa T., ME
Andi R., CA
Orion W., AZ
Nicole M., CA
Geraldine S., CA
Shanice B., MA
Karin E., IL
Ulanda L., MI
Rose G., CA
Susan S., MA
Sossity C., OR
Kristin S., NY
Jessy Z., CA
Keller R., IL
Kim S., AL
Darien M., MA
Erica A, TX
Shelby B., GA
Amy S., MI
Asher F., PA
William H., TX
Jae L., WA
Lynne G., CA
Lisa B., CA
Pia G., NY
Zoe B., KS
Julie K., NY
Jill T., CA
Barbara R., CA
Tara A., CA
Lindo B., CA
Alex G., NY
Rachel T.
Marilyn M., CA
Shannon T., AL
Jessica G., UT
Deena M., MN
Rachel P., NY
Amber C., MA
Chelsea Y., VA
Carol P., WA
Jennifer C., OR
Katie H., MN
Christine M., WA
Julianna F., FL
Susan F., DC
Erica B., CA
Destiny D., MD
Chaand O., DC
Puck F., WA
Ariel F., RI
Dolores T., CA
Kate S., MD
Lori S., CA
Heidi C., NM
Derek B-W., WA
Austin A., CA
Siobhan K., CA
Jennette F., CA
India H., CA
Janet C.Q., NY
Tammy J., CA
Janet B., CA
Carol S., CA
Claire D., VT
Regan B., CA
Devra P., OR
Eddie S., CA
Guy T., CA
Sheila W., AL
Theresa F., CA
Mercedes F., NY
Adnan A., MN
Hannah H., OR
Mesha I., CA
Leah P., WA
Deborah M., CA
Leslie M., CA
Rachel M., CA
Lior G., MA
Naima L., OK
Naomi K., IL
Tina P., CA
Darliene H., NV
Andy S., MA
Madeline R., NY
Elizabeth M., MA
Elaine L., CA
Valerie A., CA
Hector D., OR
Kyrie M., MI
Amber K., MD
Steph O., PA
E-K D., AL
Natalia K., CA
Rebecca R., NY
Joy C., NJ
Emily D., MI
Dominique H., DC
Cicia L., MA
Patsy N., ME
Whitney F., MD
Skyler M., CA
Barry S., CA
Jasmine S., CA
Nurrohman A., Indonesia
Brenna E.M., WA
Erica H., CA
Jennifer M., Canada
Arielle N., NY
Catherine P., CA
Tiffany D., KY
Susan P., NY
Claire T., CA
Stephan P., NY
Miranda G., MI
Anna K., CA
Jay T.-H., CA
Rachael H., SC
Aliza W., DC
Evan L., CA
Molly M., CA
Megan J., FL
Rahula J., CA
Jannet T., CA
Savanna W., WA
Amrita W., DC
Samantha P., NC
K.D., PA
Amanda G., NJ
Lori L., PA
Ellise N., CA
Danielle F., PA
Brittany P., CA
Jeffery S., CA
Niko B., NY
Kimberly D., HI
Alicia D., DC
Gabriel S., DC
Hop, CA
Aumna I., NY
Leah F.W., CA
MarTaze G., TN
Jay T.H., CA
May Y., PA
Vanessa C., AL
Shannon O., NJ
Neil M., CA
Sarah Wylie V., KY
Mariana R., CA
Pattie T., NV
John H., OR
Gr K., CA
Amelia S., GA
Beverly S., AZ
Vincenza M., MD
John C., NY
Jonathan K., MD
Tonya W., FL
Jessica L., VA
Sarah D., WA
Marina B., NY
Randall A., OR
Liz M., MA
Wind V., VA
Jennifer S., CA
Elizabeth C.L., IL
Kristina N., WA
MIchelle P., CA
Shannon S., MD
Ginny B., CA
Amanda B., SD
Lauren B., MI
Claudia C., NJ
Ileana P., MA
Rory H., CA
Andrew E., CA
Robin M., CA
Shirley Y., CA
Anne W., MA
Ariadne M., CA
Mahfam M., CA
Jane L., CA

Zeres V., CA
Samantha S., CA
Helen S., IL
Kara B., CA
Gloria L.E., CA
Mary S., CA
Millie G., NJ
Emma S., UT
Lindsey A., FL
Rochelle W., CA
Ariana D., CA
Leora M., CT
Heather P., WA
Kazz L., WA
Chrystal B., CA
Elizabeth L., CA
Kristine D., OR
Kathryn R., CA
Jennifer J., CA
Helen L., Canada
Al W., NY
Lilly K., CA
Elizabeth D., CA
Hasmik G., CA
Leah P., FL
LeeAnn G., CA
Talia Y., PA
Stephanie W., NJ
Alice W., CA
TupiliLea A., CA
Mackenzie R., NY
Howard B., MA
Lynn M., FL
Sherly F., NY
Kelsey S., WA
Ty B., WA
Sarah B., RI
Andrea D., NY
Christopher H., CA
David C., NJ
P., AL
Carole T., NJ
Manny F., PA
Vanesa F., MA
Stephanie L., PA
Emie A., NY
Jennifer H., UT
Sara P., OH
Daniel S., NC
Dawn K., MI
Maggie G., MO
Maddy B., TX
Brit M., PA
MacKenzie M., CA
Kimberly M., CA
Johnny W., MA
Emma L.M., MD
Trudy W., AL
Ellen B., CA
Roberta P., MA
Nadja R., IL
Eva M, IL
Claire T., NY
Max H., CA
Chance H., MI
Cassidy N., FL
Marge S., CA
Jallussee M.B., CA
Vaina R., MD
Anna F., NJ
Sarah L., CA
Tino C., CA
Leslie W., OK
Amanda L., WA
Maya S.C., CA
Melissa C., CA
Shelley K., CA
Rosalie R., DC
Luis A., CA
Jennifer S., CA
Heather S., WA
Allie C., CA
Eleanor Q., OR
Morgan K., CA
Jesse R.E., NY
Shambricia S., WA
Cara W., FL
Stacey C., CA
Shoshana L., CA
Annabel S., UT
Jennifer B., MI
Shyla T., OR
Jessica T., NY
Ellen Z., WA
Isobel S., WA
Alex B., WA
Rachel M., CA
Lyn E., CA
Megan L., CA
Grace L., MA
Darren B., TX
Sascha B., CA
Glor A., WA
Alice R., CA
Irene B., CA
Susan P., CA
Jennifer D., CA
Juliana S., MA
Jessica O., CA
Andrea L., CA
Kirsten N.,CA
Vicki  B., NY
Kristin G., OR
Becca T., IL
Emily E., PA
Alia M., CA
Sondra B., MD
Gregory C., NM
Jill B., MI
Jane D., CT
Ruby C., WA
Steven W., OK
Todd A.W., CA
Debra P., WA
Anne M., MI
Hene K., CA
Cynthia N., MD
Eli C., CA
Avery C., CA
Margaleet K., MA
Randi K., DC
Kiran G., CA
Lynn B., CA
Brenda F.S., CA
Marian G., WA
Mikol B., MD
Kaitlin B., MD
Matthew H., KY
Joey P., NY
Jennifer R., CA
Dallas V., AL
Chris T., CA
Alessandra M.T., CA
Andria T., OR
Alice S., NY
Rhonda S., OR
Grover W-B., CA
Gabrielle S., AZ
Kathleen H., MO
Amy H., AL
Sophia A., CA
Krysta B. AL
Molly B., MA
Laura W., CA
Sol G-J., MA
Stef M., CA
Maayan S., CA
Ana T-G, CA
Daphna K., CA
Dev N., CA
Michael R., CA
David W. CA
Abe D., CA
Lacey J., CA
Julia K., CA
Britney C., Canada
Yasmeen R., NY
Jessica M., WA
Helen M., WV
Barb M., WA
Aurora L.M., PR
Lex M., MA
Shira B., MA
Becca A., MA
Huda J., CA
Marjorie H., MI
Zoe L., NY
Lilian M., CA
Nina S., WA
Andres R., CA
Lawrence C.L., CA
Ilyse K., PA
Angela, M., Canada
Kim N., IL
Glynnis K., MA
Patricia A., NM
Kelsey B., IL
Kathleen F., CT
Miriam K.F., MA
Lara F., IN
Gillian T., CO
Aletris Jay, S., NY
Andrew G., NY
Sarah R., MA
Annie T., IL
Nicole D., MA
Nyallah N., NY
Stefanie K., UT
Shayna M., WI
Haven V.W., MA
Cynthia M., CA
Elly H., MA
Kate R., CA
Biniam A., CA
Elizabeth M., AL
Deborah R., NC
Shulamis  R., IL
Avigayil H., NY
Paula A., CA
Franklin M., CO
Lauren C., CA
Jake S.F., MA
Saffron T., FL
Rich F., IL
Nora Claire M., IA
Nina F., MA
Hannah M., MI
Beck W., NY
Shannon P., TN
Neha T., OH
Julia Z., IL
Emily C., WA
Taylor  D., MA
Laura L. NY
Vanessa P., IN
Julia H., MA
Miranda G., MA
Dana M., MA
Jalen L., MA
Seth G., OH
Shana B., MA
Gwenna E., MA
Huey H., MA
Kate P., MA
Shaina, MA
Owen A.-C., MA
Tiffany Y., CA
Mondonna M., MA
Shanelle  A., Canada
Karen D., AL
Yvette L., Canada
Sunny H., CO
Justin H., AZ
Elyssa A., OH
Eunice F., CA
Leah D., AL
Tapati M., CA
Asa B., CA
Sharon M., CA
Cris R., CA
Lindsey F., WA
Erin B., CA
Diana D., TX
Hamlet C., MA
Jessica S., CA
Gaia C., CA
Liana L., CA
Amanda  L., MA
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Aspen B., MA
Lindsay I.H., CA
Fletcher F., NY
Kyle S., MA
Emily P., MA
Emma H., MA
Charles K., MA
Sarah G., MA
Mary J., MA
Jose M., MA
Courtney S., WA
Leticia R., CA
Maisie S., MA
Claire M., CA
Stefanie K.M., NY
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Cheryl C., MA
John M., PA
Esther M.B., UT
Monica A., NV
Elizabeth B., CA
Niharika S., CA
Shannon N., OR
Charlene K., CA
Rebecca L., CA
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Tara F., NY
Kristin D., NC
Anderson C., MO
Lydia S., MA
Molly B.H., MN
Rachel S., CA
Leah P.S., WA
Kate V.T., CA
Sarmistha T., VA
Norio U.H., CA
Cole  D., MD
Sebastian M., NM
Emily M., Canada
Shanna K., MI
Allison L., IL
Emily V., IL
Aaron a., NM
Rachel N., MI
Andy C., CO
Savannah L., CA
Elizabeth W.H., CO|
Karen V., CA
Victoria A., CA
Stephanie W.K., PA
Aaminah S., MI
Stephanie W., PA
Karis R., LA
Bruin r., CA
Karen M., MI
Barett K., PA
Amy C., MK
Jennifer H., MA
Marissa  G., WA
Danissa P., WA
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Kamau W., PA
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Tara H., WA
Esther K.M., MA
Danielle M., OR
Carolyn A., WA
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Kevin S., Canada
Camila P., CA
Meredith C., CA
Jessica L., WA
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Shannon K., HI
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Lisanne L., Canada
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Melanie B., CA
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Allie F., Canada
Bryanne N., Canada
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Karla H., CA
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Karen P
James M., CA
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Angelique C., England
Nicola H., England
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Eirian F.
Ekta H., Ontario
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Mary M., ILSarah D., NH
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Rosemary M., MN
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Rosa C., CA
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Tásha P., MA
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Miles T., NM
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Sulan M., WA
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Jana D., MA
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Tina M., WA
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Jessica, Canada
Carolyn W., Canada
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Valerie B., PA
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Jessica K., IL
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F C., NJ
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Sonia H., MA
Jax, MA
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Meghadeepa M., MA
Rob R., WA

Serene V., CA
Molly V., OR
Denise A., M
Rosemary C., IN
Emily R., IN
Liz G., IN
Kristin B., IN
Jenna T., IN
Rachel B., IN
Ryder L., PA
Kat T., IN
Nicole, IN
Carmen W., IN
Rachel S., IN
Samira, IN
Jordan B., IN
Ulyssa H., IN
Becky M., CA
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Fushcia H., MD
Kaylene G., WI
Christopher R., IN
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Steph, IL
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Greg A., IL
Michael G., IL
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Kevin C., IL
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Melody D., IL
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Binh H. NY
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Ty, NY
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Asher R.
Amanda D., OR
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Em P., ME
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Natasha H., CA
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Clifton M., AL
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Jeffrey E., MA
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Gianna M., PA
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Ginny K., CA
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Fiona K., England
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Rachel M., OH
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Jessica C., MA
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Terri C., MA
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Kate H., OR
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Rivka S., MA
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Haben G., CA
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Jessica C., MA
Carol B., MA
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Jessica M., NY
Sheryl Z., PA
L. K., NY
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Deborah V., SD
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Lydia B.
Elizabeth A., MI
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Richard S., CA
Rachel C., OH
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Orion, OR
Jennifer C., MA
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Elena G.
Isabel W., NY
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Beth, WI
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Jennifer J., CA
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Jill N., WI
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Lydia O., MS
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Ann D., SC
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Chayyim, SC
Aster Z.
Kathleen O., MD
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Mary M., IL
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Barbara M., SC
Emily P. B., NY
Nikki J.,VA
Regina V., OR
Tracie H., IL
Brooklyn V., NY
Larry N., AL
Debra W., CNA in CA
Jacqueline M., AL
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Anita C., MN
Grace H., NE
Cassia S., CA
Andrea S., CA
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Rebecca S., PA
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Rodrigo A., DC
Ainsley M., VL
Ava M., AL
T B., WI
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Sami S., W
Kolby L., IL
Chloe B., IL
Sara G., IL
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Timotheus G., IL
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TupiliLea A., CA
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Julianne P.
Laina F., IL

Camellia L., CA
Katherine S.
Alexa M., A
Alexana C., TX
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K.D., PA
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Morgan, MD
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Autumn, WA
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Jennifer H., TX
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Sally S., NY
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Nina, TN
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Rebecca, PA
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Arabelle S., CA
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Claire L., CA
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Erica J., CA
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Peter C., CA
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Morgan J.
David S., CA
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L S., MD
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E. G., CA
Eitana F., PA
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Kathryn H., MN
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Ilse G. ,MN
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Kathryn C., NY
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Katy C.
Maddie F., NC
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Ofurhe I., CA
Doris S., CA
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Roman A., CA
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Saorsa, NY
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Kaitlyn H., WA
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Heather, DC
Sidra, OR
Diane W., NY
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Jordan B., DC
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Lila, NY
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Mark M., MN
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Nadia N., CA
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Susan H., OR
Fiona B., FL
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Devra, MA
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Cristina S., MA
Carmen, CA
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Tori M., NY
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Bridget P., CA
Maikaaloa C., CA
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Judith L.
Adrian M., CA
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Kaitlyn C., NY
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Marisa L., CA
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Erin H., WA
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Wanda M., AZ
K D., PA